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TS-1 Dyna Brake

TS-1 Dyna Brake

For the discerning buyer looking for a self propelled golf caddy, the model TS-1 “Dyna-brake” may well be the perfect fit. A new, unique, braking feature gives the operator several braking options to maximize control of the vehicle even in the most severely hilly terrain. A conveniently placed push button, when depressed, engages the brake. When released, the caddy resumes its original speed setting. The speed control knob, when rotated, varies the speed. However if one rotates the knob fully counterclockwise, the brakes are also engaged. This feature, initiated simply by the index finger, is particularly useful when traversing a severe downhill slope. Finally if the On-Off power switch is turned to the “off” position, the brakes are engaged as long as the battery is still connected. This provides a “parking” type braking feature for use when the caddy is left unattended on sloping terrain.

These new features add to the already impressive list of standard features of the TS-1. These include Differential Drive Motor/Gearbox – providing extremely quiet operation and ease of maneuverability. Stainless steel drive axles and ball bearing equipped housings – for efficient operation and maintenance free durability. Front wheel ball bearings – another “quality” upgrade. The one piece, fold-a-way, design of the TS-1’s construction has been extremely popular among the walking golfer fraternity. Now with the new features, which also include reverse current protection of the electronics in case of incorrect battery hook-up, the new TS-1 with “Dyna-brake” is sure to make its mark as one of the very best when it comes to features and value.



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